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Terry Clayton PhD

Terry Clayton Ph.D.

Thanks for checking out Summit.  Need technical help with your business?  Hi, I'm Terry, and I’ve had a passion for chemistry, product development, and manufacturing since I was kid.  Growing up in the Midwest, I worked in printing industry developing solutions for analog, inkjet, inks and coatings.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to start up manufacturing plants, as well as product development, analytical, and QC laboratories from the Rocky Mountains to Warsaw, Poland and many cool places in between.  I have sourced globally with the largest chemical suppliers and have transferred custom chemical to boutique chemical plants. At the University of Wisconsin, I earned my PhD focused on analytical and synthetic chemistry.  I wrapped up my education with an executive leadership program at Harvard Business School.


Although chemistry is not the most fascinating subject for social gatherings, I have a few stories that some find interesting:

In graduate school I succeeded in designing inverse agonist benzodiazepines.  These are drugs that stimulate, rather than sedate, the brain.   My work made the front cover of Current Medicinal Chemistry.  In fact, my compounds worked so well, they were at risk of causing seizures.  The drug scaffolds I made proved out my molecular modeling of the binding site, but future graduate students carry on my work to attenuate their potency for therapeutic use! 


Another one of the more interesting projects I share is my time out in Colorado.  Integrating microencapsulation technology with leuco dye chemistry I led a fantastic team to make the mountains turn blue on the Coor’s can.  It's an amazing technology I run into no matter where I am on the globe.  The technology continues to find new applications and is now being refined to ensure security in supply chain of vaccines…

When I am not tinkering in the lab, you’ll find me doting on my kids or perhaps measuring the temperature of my compost bins! I enjoy hiking, boating, and just being outdoors.  My wife, 3 daughters and I have called New Hampshire home since 2015.   The Lakes region is both a wonderful area to raise a family and operate our development laboratory. 


I enjoy technical challenges, startups, and new products that organizations ask me to help develop.  If you need help developing a product, are scaling up operations, entering industrial inkjet,  or an idea you want to develop, I would love to hear from you.


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