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Inkjet Inks

Premium inks with fast cure and long outdoor life.  Inks are tuned for a hard enamel like finish.  They can also be designed for high flexibility if needed.

inkjet ink

Microencapsulated Materials

Designed microencapsulated materials. Microcapsules are tuned to rupture at specific compression pressure.  They may also be designed to release under specific environmental conditions.


3D Printing Resins

UV curable resins and support materials with customized properties based on product specification, printhead and printer system design.

prosthetic ear_edited.jpg

Inkjetable Food Compositions

Using only GRAS food materials, ink jettable compositions were prepared.  Formulations solve the problem of color bleed and settling.


Continuous Inkjet Inks

Solvent based continuous inkjet ink formulations for product marking and addressing at high speed.


Lithographic Fountain Solution

Dampening solutions for high speed web offset printing presses.  Etch can be prepared as a press-ready formulation but is more often as a concentrate which is diluted with water in the pressroom.

fountain solution

Pigment Dispersions

Formulated a broad range of novel pigment dispersions using proprietary new pigment technologies.


UV LED Curable Coatings

A unique clear protective coating for art canvases which is crystal clear with tough but flexible properties. The final coating will not crack during framing process while mar resistant during shipping.

Protective Coatings_edited.jpg

Ceramic Coatings for Automotive

Formulated ceramic coatings delivering high gloss and water repellency.  Compositions can have high hardness, ambient cure, and tuned drying rates to simplify application process.

ceramic coating

Plastisol Ink Formulations

PVC resin based inks which cure under gentle heat into a flexible but tough finish for screen printing textiles.

Plastisol Ink

Flexographic Inks

Compositions with excellent, open time, transfer properties and cure in both water and solvent based systems. Radiation cure is also an option.

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